Reliable GPS reception, clear display, and easy menu. This feature is so popular in ExpertGPS, we’ve added a hot key F7 that will automatically launch Google Earth and zoom in on your hiking waypoints and tracklogs. Navigating the menus and typing on the on-screen keyboard is non-trivially difficult. If you miss the turn it will automatically give you directions to correct your mistake. This was accurate and indicates off-course drift on the same screen.. The documentation is convoluted, difficult and unclear.

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Discover Hidden Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Tricks You’re Missing. 28 Tips From the GPS Experts!

Once they’ve backed up the new data from their GPS, they can clear the memory again, keeping their GPS ready for their next trip. For 60csc use there are the Garmin BlueChart series.

The best handheld Garmin made, or will ever make in my opinion. Absaroka 28 reviewer rep. This unit is also perfect for geocachers and has a nice geocaching utility. Unfortunately, it is no longer 6csx. I use google maps to google maps to get the exact location of trail heads and make a waypoint on city navigator mapsource.

It was last seen January 15, at Mountain Gear.


The Csx improvements over their older lines are wonderful! I still had 3 bars left out of 4 after a 15km trek. Others have reported the Oregon receiver isn’t as good, but this didn’t seem to be the case. 6csx that supports the Garmin communications protocol can upload or download tracks, waypoints and routes.

Find by Name will locate names that start with the text that you enter, throughout the entire name database on the GPS. Drove to a big retailer and bought a 64st to get through my hunt. On each page further functions for that page are accessed by pressing the MENU button. The 60CSx has an uncanny ability to maintain a fix.

While this review doesn’t touch upon the validity 6c0sx such a 60cex, I did think it worth mentioning.

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Review

It does have its… February 20, AL45 4 reviewer rep Gpxmap The compass is a 2-Axis compass that confirms direction to your next waypoint. If you have to go used, 60csx is the only way to go. Its IPX standard waterproofing which means you can submerge this unit in water, so heavy rain will not affect this unit.

Calculate area by tracing over a map or aerial photo. There is a connection point for a lanyard on the top-left near the antenna and USB ports.


Once your entry is complete you select the “OK” button on the keypad. Oregon 60csc Screen Capture. A rugged construction and rubberised buttons… December 24, Jay 4 reviewer rep Rating: The only complaint is the cases they make for them, very cheap and they do not fit the unit well. If the clip comes open the data card can drop out. This unit shines in the chip set and antenna area.

Once you reach that limit, your GPS can’t hold any 60cxs data.

This is greta for use in a vehicle. Think about this carefully. Although the two required AA batteries must be alkaline lithium cells apparently deliver too high a voltage when newthey seem to last a more than generous amount of time. There is also a big print option with fewer values.

Overall the GPS is a good unit, however Garmin’s practice of locking software to a specific GPS unit will send me to the competitors on my next purchase.